We are Savantic.

Problem solving is our passion.

AI is more than just data.

It’s also about understanding the real world. Physics, that is.

We specialize in industrial processes, automotive and MedTech. All of our consultants are Ph.D’s, and they all know how to turn our customers’ data into top-notch value adding solutions.


We are simulation experts!


We are sensor experts!

Scientific knowledge for business solutions

We help our customers step into the digital reality of the future. With advanced data analysis, Data Fusion, simulation, optimization, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, we deliver truly innovative solutions. We have done so since the year 2000.

Our solutions build on responsiveness, technology expertise, engagement and industry knowledge. We are a uniquely pragmatic R&D department focusing on sustainability.

Collectively, we have many years of experience of combining academic research with business values – offering scientific knowledge for business solutions.


Welcome to Savantic, Benny Lundström!

Benny is our new AI Catalyst, with the aim of inspiring more companies to dare to take the step to develop their operations with AI-based solutions.

01 April, 2020

And the winner is… Team ValAn!

A total of over 800 teams participated in Hakuna Ma-data, a competition that is part of Microsoft’s AI for Earth program. The winning classifier model was created by Miroslav Valan, Savantic’s former PhD student. Congratulations!

07 February, 2020

Bias-free AI

AI becomes what we train it to be. Bias-less machines that help us make informed decisions without the influence of preconceived ideas will be real only when we know how to select the proper data for training the model and using a bias-free method for validating it.

08 October, 2019

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