Welcome to Savantic, Benny Lundström!

01 April, 2020

Benny is our new AI Catalyst, with the aim of inspiring more companies to dare to take the step to develop their operations with AI-based solutions.

After many years of experience from different parts of the IT industry, Benny quite recently discovered that algebra can be something enjoyable – during his Industrial Economy studies at Linköping University, he was not convinced. But as he started cultivating his interest in AI a few years ago, the pieces all fell in place. Now he considers it to be his task to get Sweden on par with the efforts that the US and China put into data-driven solutions and Artificial Intelligence.

In his own AI projects, Benny connects his interest in well-being and exercise with his passion for AI. His creations include a tool that, based on video recordings of a person’s work-out, provides automatic advice on how the exercise program can be improved.

We really look forward to having Benny on our team, as knowledge disseminator and catalyst, so that more companies will develop with the help of AI.

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