The work hub in Tullinge has been launched

08 February, 2019

Over the last months, Savantic has been working together with The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, to launch a work hub in Tullinge south of Stockholm. The work hub is a shared office space for remote work, offering facilities such as desktops, meeting rooms with video-conference equipment, and telephone rooms. The work hub is the second Living Lab run under the Mistra-SAMS project and the concept is to do research by letting users be part of creative innovation processes.

The work hub was inaugurated on 1 February 2019 and it aims at studying how different variables influence travel behavior; like tolls, parking fees and the possibility of going by bike instead of taking the car.

Researchers from KTH will be using the lab, which is supported by a digital platform used for booking the facilities available at the work hub, and compare options of travelling or not travelling, to book and pay for trips etc.

Savantic’s contribution to the lab has been to provide technical advice for the digital platform; data analysis and visualizations of trips and travel habits, as well as advising the work group on how data analysis can support policies and incentives with the aim of reducing the demands for travel.

In the upcoming months, Savantic will implement a digital module which will allow the KTH researchers to try a number of policies under the Living Lab.

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