Gasell i Serengeti

And the winner is… Team ValAn!

07 February, 2020

Hakuna Ma-data, a competition that is part of Microsoft’s AI for Earth program, was completed at the end of January. The objective of the competition was to train an AI to recognize a number of different animals that have been photographed by automatic cameras on the Serengeti, so that future photos can be analysed automatically. A total of over 800 teams participated, and the winning classifier model was created by Miroslav Valan, Savantic’s former PhD student. Congratulations, Miroslav!

01 Apr. 2020

Welcome to Savantic, AI Catalyst Benny Lundström!

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08 Feb. 2019

The work hub in Tullinge has been launched

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Bias-free AI

08 October, 2019

AI becomes what we train it to be. Bias-less machines that help us make informed decisions without the influence of preconceived ideas will be real only when we know how to select the proper data for training the model and using a bias-free method for validating it.

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