We are Savantic

We love impossible problems. Everything we do builds on curiosity. We want to understand. Really understand. And we want to make the world a better place. That’s why we are scientists.

Building advanced AI solutions for the future requires a team of technology superheroes. We enjoy writing code, testing, learning and creating applications.

Working together with our customers is a process based on trust. We know that large investments are at stake and that our customers need to feel confident that our solutions are built to last.

Board members

Stefan Csillag

Stefan is a professor of Physics at Stockholm University and founded Savantic together with Claes Orsholm.

Thomas Arctaedius

Thomas has a PhD in Physics and he is an experienced entrepreneur. He is the founder of several companies, mostly consultancy firms. Thomas is currently CEO at ayond AB.

Marcus Weiland

Marcus teaches business development with artificial intelligence. He holds an M. Sc. degree in computer science for autonomous systems from KTH and an Executive MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. With this combination, Marcus will contribute his thorough experience of turning research knowledge into business solutions.

Gustav Kristiansson

Gustav has been a member of the board since June 2019. He has an Executive MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics and a degree in Vehicle Engineering from KTH in Stockholm. His specific field of expertise is autonomous cars. Apart from the tasks associated with being a board member, Gustav, being a business strategist, is also operatively involved in developing the business operations for the future.

Steffen Muschter
Member – the employees' representative

Steffen earned his Ph. D degree in physics at Stockholm University. He started working at Savantic in 2015 and since then he has worked as a developer focusing on steel furnace simulations, as data analyst and investigating video analysis in Stockholm’s metro system.

Johanna Öberg

Johanna is the board’s employees’ representative substitute. She is a developer and has been a Savantic employee since 2017. Her day-to-day motivation is the feeling of a shared Savantic superpower, that she and her colleagues can use to solve “unsolvable” problems together.


Claes Orsholm, Ph. D.
CEO, Sales, Developer

Claes is one of the founders of Savantic. These days, his workdays are usually split up between administration, management, problem solving and working as a technical project manager. His life as a superhero would be a never ending stream of creativity, being always ready to solve any problem. When he is not at work, Claes spends quite some time exercising, taking care of his family and playing music.

Roger Viberg
Chief Operating Officer

Roger Viberg actually didn’t find his own way to Savantic – he was on his way in another direction when a recruiting firm helped him on the right track.

If he could apply his most coveted super hero qualities during his workday, he would be travelling back and forth in time to try out different solutions, as an efficient way to find the best possible long-term result. And this, of course, is the aim of his role as project manager, being responsible for both customer relations and deliveries.

In his free time, Roger enjoys most of all to spend time with his friends and family.

Thierry Sikora, Ph. D.
Developer, Project Manager

Thierry was Savantic's first employee and today he is working as a Data Scientist and developer in AI (deep learning) and data mining. Since the beginning of 1999 he has worked as adviser, researcher and travelled around the world helping MSF succeed with difficult challenges. Thierry's super hero skill would be making sure everything you do help others.

Christofer Aourell, Ph. D.
Sales, Project manager, Developer

Projects where people and technology are equally important are the ones that Christofer enjoys the most, whether it involves project management, investigations or pilot studies. He found his way to Savantic via an internship after his dissertation and this turned into a permanent position. Music and technology is a combination that he appreciates in his spare time. He is also a master of handball. Superhero Christofer would be a master of both flying and mind-swapping. 

Lena Douglas, Ph. D.
Team leader and developer

Lena heard about Savantic as early as 2001 and she thought it sounded like a great place to work. Eventually, the temptation to join the team became too strong, so she gave them a call and started working at Savantic in 2010. Lena’s superhero power of choice is to be able to stop time, just to get more time for everything that’s enjoyable; baking, working in the garden, reading and spending time with her family. 

Tobias Carlsson, Ph. D.

Tobias combines programming with data analysis and investigations, depending on the needs for each project. A friend who had been working for Savantic told Tobias he would probably find it a perfect workplace to suit his competence and interests. If Tobias were a superhero he would like to be able to travel freely in spacetime. In his more earthbound life, Tobias spends his spare time in the world of literature, outdoors, or working out. 

Miroslav Valan, Ph. D. student
Ph. D. student

Bridging the gap between the academic and the commercial world is what Savantic does in the BIG4 project, funded by the EU. Through this project, Miroslav’s path crossed Savantic’s. Together they use Deep Learning to find new methods of studying and classifying the world’s four largest groups of insects. When he is not working, Miroslav keeps fit, physically and mind-wise, by riding his bike and by solving puzzles. His super-superhero is Bruce Wayne, for his ability to fight evil despite being an ordinary human being. 

Steffen Muschter, Ph. D.

Steffen spends a lot of his energy on a really hot topic; translating what goes on inside a blast-furnace into a model which recreates the function of the furnace in real time. Rumours of Savantic reached Steffen when he was working on his dissertation at Stockholm University. He carries his interest of programming and electronics with him at all times, at work and at home, where he also manages to free up some time for running and practicing martial arts. Both might come in handy in his career as a superhero with the power to understand how things work by just looking at them.

Pontus Olsson, Ph. D.

Pontus worked at Centre for image analysis at Uppsala University when he first heard about Savantic from a colleague and got interested. Pontus is right now working with an image analysis project with focus on automated information extraction of digital images. Pontus plays in a jazz band with focus on 30-50’s music, check it out here. If Pontus had superpower he would liked CTRL-Z function in life (regret button), invisibility coat and to be able to fly faster than light functions.

Karoly Makonyi, Ph. D.

Karoly is Miroslav’s supervisor and he came to Savantic after having heard about them at the Department of Physics at Stockholm University and looking up the company online. Karoly spends a lot of his spare time playing with his kids, playing and listening to music, while dreaming of possessing the superhero power of being able to stretch (space)time.

Johanna Öberg, Ph. D.

Johanna was persuaded by Lena to join Savantic, and she is now one of their expert Software Developers. She shares a dream of owning her own time and space travel machine with a number of the other Savantic super heroes. But Johanna’s need for this SciFi apparatus seems to reach beyond the realm of dreams; she constantly feels that she is lacking the time to do what she likes most, like exercise, sewing, doing yoga, growing plants and satisfying her general hunger for knowledge. This might partly be a result of her not yet having invented the button you can push to make children go to sleep within four seconds.

Hanna Källén, Ph. D.

Image analysis and automatic particle classification is what Hanna does in her working hours. She found her way to Savantic via LinkedIn. If instead she had been a superhero, she would have loved to have the ability to tell the future, or to travel effortlessly by means of teleportation.

When she is not at work, Hanna enjoys spending her time chilling with her friends and family. She is also a master baker of cakes.

Fan Pan, Ph. D.

Fan Pan heard someone at a Ph.D dissertation party mention that Savantic had a reputation of only hiring Ph. D's, and mainly from the field of physics. She sent her CV without hesitating, and this soon led to her joining the Savantic super hero team. She now works mainly with image analysis and advanced Deep Learning solutions.

Apart from her professional skills she enjoys classical art, literature and music, and she studies music to become a "Sunday composer". Instead of longing to possess a super hero power, she likes to think of herself as relying on a super hero spirit; her talents and her wish to help make the world a better place.

Mathias Ljungberg , Ph. D.

When Mathias returned to Sweden after having lived abroad for some time, he found his way to Savantic after a recommendation from one of his colleagues. He puts his heart and mind into working with image analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Mathias the Jazz Cat actually plays Heavy Metal music too, whenever he has the chance to, but at the moment he spends most of his free time together with his family. If he were a super hero, he would have loved to possess the quality of being able to manipulate time and space.

Samuel Lampa, Ph. D.

Samuel realised when reading a LinkedIn ad, that Savantic offered the combination of research and business that he was looking for. At Savantic, his days are focused on systems design and problem solving, with an emphasis on Machine Learning and pipelines. The superhero quality of his dreams is to be able to visualise all possible future scenarios, based on choices currently available.

In his spare time, Samuel prefers spending his time with his family, with reading (extensively), playing the piano and doing some spare-time research. 

Francesco Taddia, Ph. D.

Francesco’s first contact with Savantic was via LinkedIn and when later he heard their company presentation at Stockholm University he decided to join the team. In his role as a developer, he is involved in data analysis, programming and machine learning projects.

In his free time, Francesco enjoys reading, most of all about history and art. He loves to take a ride on his bicycle and to try out new and interesting restaurants. He also likes watching TV series, if they are really, really good.

As a super hero, Francesco’s most coveted quality would be to be able to teleport himself – to be able to go anywhere. 

Edvin Sidebo, Ph. D.

Savantic first caught Edvin’s attention at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, where Lena Douglas presented the company. She managed to convince him enough for him to get in touch, and he soon realised Savantic was the right place for him.

Edvin focuses mainly on machine learning and data analysis, and he has earned his PhD in experimental particle physics. His dream superhero quality has nothing to do with the Higgs particle, as one may think, considering he has been tracing it during his time at Cern; instead he wishes to possess a very un-versatile superpower – to be the best at one single thing, like keeping an exact temperature, which would make him the perfect wine cooler, but worthless for any other purposes.

Leyla Isaeva, Ph. D.

Leyla is a developer working mainly with Machine Learning and data analysis. She never hesitated to contact Savantic once one of her colleagues at KTH told her about the company, and it turned out to be a perfect match.

When not at work, she keeps busy learning new languages, reading books, hanging out with friends or doing exercise.

If she were a superhero, her super power would be to have time at her disposal around the clock to learn more things, and possess the ability to travel long distances in the blink of an eye, to be with friends and family anytime she wanted to.

Mats Sandström

Mats is an engineer and a market economist working with sales, customer contacts and as a business developer. He always strives to make things work in the best way possible, and, accordingly, he has held a Quality Manager position in a large number of projects. Mats was introduced to Savantic via an intermediary who suspected that the two parties would make a good match, and this suspicion proved to be true.

Apart from his work, Mats enjoys skiing, writing and creating music, and wishes to have a superhero power that would make him a household name all over the world, as the originator of a good book, a proverbial saying or an evergreen tune. Or just be known as a person spreading peace and love. 

David Menéndez Hurtado, Ph. D.

David is a developer focusing on Deep Learning and applying it to new kinds of data. It was his girlfriend who first made him aware of Savantic and that they were specifically looking for someone with his area of expertise.

In his free time, David enjoys landscape and astro photography, and historical fencing. His desired superhero power would, maybe somewhat surprisingly, be inherited from a platypus; to have an electrosensitive bill.

Benny Lundström
AI Catalyst

Benny Lundström was headhunted to become a member of the Savantic staff, where he is working as an AI Catalyst. This role entails spreading the word about AI as the next business revolution, and to inspire more and more companies to become brave enough to take a step into a more digital future.

Apart from his work as an AI evangelist, Benny also runs other AI projects in parallel, focusing on exercise and well-being. He is also a very dedicated sportsman himself, being a competing short-distance runner. If he were a superhero, Benny would take his running skills to the next level, using them for time travel.

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